Range Operations Course

The Range Operations Course is a forty (40) hour one week class. The course is geared toward Personnel working in a Range Control Office of a Military Training Site. The course is designed to provide general guidance for the day to day range control operations based on applicable Army Regulations.(AR 350-19, AR 385-63, DA Pam 385-63).

Course materials will cover Range Control Operations, RNGE Control Duties and Responsibilities, Organization of Range Control, Safety Compliance Enforcement, Communication Requirements and Range Control Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Students are required to complete graded practical exercises, and additional study halls will be provided after class hours as needed. Exercises involve planning a range to include through-put requirements, determining range requests or safety violations, process to de-conflict range requests. It is highly recommended that students complete the Range Safety Course prior to attendance at this course. coursework not completed to standard during the primary instructional periods.